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"'Whose Eyes Shall Bless Now the Truth of My Pain?:'" Recovering Diane di Prima's Feminist Rhetoric." (Forthcoming). Peitho.

In this article,  I analyze Italian American Beat poet and activist, Diane di Prima's feminist rhetorical strategies and argue for her recognition in the field. 

"Burnt Out Before I Began: Finding--and Failing to Find--A Work-Life Balance...."

Interminable Rhetorics: Women and Gendered Labor in a Post-2020 Economy. (Forthcoming).

In this chapter, I reflect on my experiences working as a new TT faculty member and new mom amid the pandemic.

Review of Reframing the Relational: A Pedagogical Ethic for Cross-Curricular   Literacy Work. (2018). The WAC Journal, 29. 247-51.​

In this article, I review Sandra L. Tarabochia's 2018 text on the challenges and rewards of working across disciplinary and professional boundaries. 

“WAC and Transfer: Towards a Transdisciplinary View of Academic Writing.” (2018). Across the Disciplines, 15.3. 48-62.

In this article, I call for more direct collaboration between WAC/WID and transfer studies in Rhetoric and Composition.

with Rebecca Moore Howard, Instructor’s Manual for Writing Matters. (2018). E-book, McGraw Hill.

This online Instructor's Manual accompanies Rebecca Moore Howard's handbook, Writing Matters. It includes sample activities, class discussion prompts, and suggested readings for Composition and WID courses.

Review of Placing the History of College Writing: Stories from the Incomplete .... (2017). The WAC Journal, 28. 139-145.

In this article, I review Nathan Shepley's 2017 text on the importance of recovering non-traditional histories of academic writing.

“Bang Your Head to the Beat of Non-Conformity.” (2017). Unity in Disparity: Cultural Connections to Metal. 120-142.

In this chapter, I draw connections between the rhetorical strategies of the Beat poets of the 1950s and 60s and contemporary Heavy Metal musicians. 

Gender and Sexuality Columnist, The Daily Orange, Syracuse University, September 2017-May 2018.

In these bi-weekly opinion columns, I craft arguments about current events or issues pertaining to gender and sexuality in the central New York area.

"SWR Interview with Tiffany Rousculp." Studies in Writing and Rhetoric Series. (2016). NCTE.

In this interview, Tiffany Rousculp and I discuss her 2014 text, Rhetoric of Respect: Recognizing Change at a Community Writing Center.

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