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Works In-Progress

Diane di Prima and Me: Feminist Storytelling and the Academy 

  • Book proposal and sample chapter under review

  • Mine is the first book-length study of Italian American poet, painter, and activist Diane di Prima, one of the few women authors associated with the countercultural Beat literature of the 50s and 60s. In my book manuscript, I demonstrate di Prima’s engagement with–and expansion of–the rhetorical strategies associated with feminist storytelling, as recognized by scholars in feminist and queer affect studies, feminist and cultural rhetorics, and feminist historiography. I identify di Prima’s use of critical subjectivity, narratives of gender and sexual transgression, and activist networking to mobilize storytelling towards feminist consciousness raising and social justice across her published and unpublished archival works. Throughout Diane di Prima and Me, I blend this rhetorical analysis with my own narratives in which I enact the feminist storytelling strategies analyzed in di Prima’s works to reflect the affectively complicated process of doing feminist scholarship within a patriarchal academy. Drawing from my rhetorical analysis and personal narratives as evidence, I contribute to a rhetoric of feminist storytelling that moves beyond the uncomplicated narratives of success and redemption often associated with feminist recovery projects in academia. Furthermore, I demonstrate how feminist storytelling can be applied as a research lens for analyzing the rhetorics and impact of other artists marginalized from patriarchal canons and histories. 


"Burnt Out Before I Began: Finding--and Failing to Find--A Work-Life Balance.Interminable Rhetorics: Women and Gendered Labor in a Post-2020 Economy

  • Revised manuscript under review

  • In this chapter, I reflect on my experiences working as a new TT faculty member and new mom amid the pandemic and identify methods for better supporting—or at least not exacerbating the inequities perpetually inflicted upon—women’s work.

"Angry Humor/Humorous Anger: Feminist Ethos in Full Frontal with Samantha Bee"

  • Under review

  • Journal article, revision of chapter from dissertation, "Mobilizing Affect: The Rhetoric and Circulation of Popular Political Satire News Shows"

  • In this article, I establish the unique feminist ethos of the recently canceled political satire news show, Full Frontal with Samantha Bee. Analyzing Full Frontal’s coverage of the 2016 and 2020 U.S. Presidential elections, I trace the show’s engagement with feminist rhetorical strategies of interruption and advocacy.

co-author, "The Women's Writing Pilgrimage: A WAC Program's Feminist Reflections." 

  • Journal article, to be submitted early Fall 2023

  • Together, the authors share their experiences taking part in an inter-generational, community women's writing group sponsored by a WAC program at a 4-year, public institution. Based on their reflections and interviews with founding members, the authors argue for the value of WAC-sponsored community engagement initiatives like the women's writing group, highlighting the benefits for WAC programs and university and community stakeholders. 

"Can Writing Across the Curriculum Be Feminist?"

  • Journal article, in-progress

  • This journal article is an extension of my upcoming presentation at the 2023 Conference on College Composition and Communication. In this article, I trace the similarities between feminist rhetorics/pedagogy and WAC scholarship and postulate on what a feminist approach to WAC theory and praxis might look like. I conclude by identifying WAC programs as a potential site for faculty advocacy and organizing.

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